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Welcom to Pintejin Spinning.A life 's experience in spinning all types of metal.You can be assured of down to earth advice and quality finished products.

About Pintejin Metal

Top China Metal Spinning Company

Pintejin leads the metal spinning industry by producing custom concentric and symmetrical metal parts in production quantities.

Pintejin metal spinning provides the latest technology in metal stamping, deep drawing, CNC machining centers and PNC automatic spinning lathes.

Advantages provided by Pintejin areVarity of finished material Spin materials as thick as 0.25''Can meet tolerances of +.001" or tighter Products can be spun as large 80" in diameter Capability of working with any materials;

Extension of main Products coverageLighting ,either for housing or outdoorsventilating, air conditioning in large buildings such as airports, halls and stations.Shell of central vacuum cleaner or household back carrier suctionfood service

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Product Design

We take a proactive role at the early stage of our customers’ product design and development cycles by providing value-adding design engineering solutions and specific advice to them to resolve particular design and technical issues, which differentiates ourselves from traditional original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers.

Engineering Solutions

We take a key role at the early stage of our customers’ product design and development cycles by providing value-adding design engineering solutions, including the choice of materials, the production process flow and the application of production techniques. This will provide them with more cost effective solutions at the initial product design stage and enhance the quality of their products.

All Types Services

include the provision of a wide range of design and fabrication services of precision metal stamping tools, and manufacturing services of highly complex precision metal products involving metal stamping, cutting,machining, lathing ,sheet metal and turning procedures.Assembly services: We also offer product assembly/integration services and logistics supports to our customers.

Our Service

Pintejin Metal Spinning Company Has Been Providing Expert Precision Metal Spinning And Aluminum Reflector Fabricating Services To Customers All Over The World.Pintejin produces metal spinnings for Lighting Reflectors, Heat Lamp Reflectors, Trim Rings, Light fixture Bowls, Lighting Rings, Chalice and Goblets, Chandeliers, Bases, Hemispheres, Domes, Diffusers, Canopies, Flanges, Pie Pans, Lamp Shades, Cones, Electrical Housings, Bezels, Bowls, Tank heads, Agriculture wheel hubs, and much more.


Pintejin Metal Spinning offers our customers a wide range of capabilities and value-added operations due to our solid investment in loyal employees and the best machines. All of these elements contribute to Pintejin ’s primary goal; customer service. Pintejin Metal Spinning is a customer-centric business that will support your product with our service, competitive prices and outstanding quality. Please contact us today to learn more about our metal spinning services.


I would like to congratulate you and your company with your metal spinning service and prototyping quality. The communication with our company was very clear and constructive. The prototypes have a very good quality and the delivery speed are fantastic. With your metal spinning service we can communicate better and faster with our clients and give them a glance of how the product will look and feel like.Ing.

Michelle Cathe - Industrial designer

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