10 Best Lash Vendors Manufacturers Factory In USA

10 Best Lash Vendors Manufacturers Factory In USA

  1. Yiernuo Lashes

Yiernuo Lashes is a trusted source of high quality false lashes wholesale eyelash factory. Our company has been providing tested products worldwide for over 20 years. We supply to retail giants such as Sephora and Elle.

We are at the forefront of the industry, dedicated to creating innovative products. We provide the best prices with speedy and secure payment processes.

Our curation of unique collections ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for. Our extensive variety enables you to choose what works best for your business. We value our clients, and it is our mission to create products that are in demand. Our quality products ensure a relationship of trust with your clients.

Our dedication is serving you with excellence, efficiency, and professionalism. Your success is our top priority.

As new technologies emerge, we stay at the forefront of change and bring what you need ahead of time.

We started out with a dream to empower through beauty and contribute to the economic boom of China. We have now evolved into a mission to empower businesses with state-of-the-art goods. lash suppliers USA

Start your journey with us today!

  1. The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is a salon that promotes empowerment. They claim to be all about the needs of their customers. Anna Phillips, the founder of the brand opened this lash lounge with determination. She believes her services are the best of the best and has it all to lead the lash industry.

Their salon is one of the top lash vendors in USA. The services they offer include- Lash extensions, lash fills, lash lifting and tint. They also have eyebrow threading and tinting services. Lash Vendors In USA.

  1. Luxe Lashes

Luxe Lashes has been one of the top lash companies in USA. They have been one of the best choices for semi-permanent lash extensions since 2009. Their service and aim always target a customer’s best interest.

They also have a foundation named- Greater Me Foundation, that serves women in need. For every service booked for lashes, $1 gets donated to the foundation.

The services are- natural, volume and faux mink lash extensions. They also have eyebrow threading, shaping, and tinting services. You can also get touch-ups after getting a procedure done. Eyelash extensions USA.

  1. Flawless Lashes

The company ‘Flawless Lashes’ focuses on maintaining the health of your natural lashes. They are professionals who make sure the extensions you get are the right size and weight. The pictures present on the website are of the real customers and the company’s services.

The eyelashes you get from Flawless lashes will give you a curl like no mascara or strip lashes. They stay on for the whole day even if you are going swimming. They have longer durability.

The services are classic lash, natural volume lash, and full volume extensions. They also provide ultimate lashes extensions services and lash lift and tint. Moreover, they also provide a full face, upper lip, and chin waxing. wholesale mink lashes USA.

  1. Charm Lashsaf

Charm lash has integrity, quality, professionalism, and consultation. They have integrity and that makes them make products with honesty. They maintain quality, which makes their products of a high standard. They are professional, which ensures they will do anything to maintain their brand. And finally, they are open to consultation, which means, they will make you your desires lash.

The different products you will find are- original classics, CHARM classic, and hybrid. They also have volume lashes- CHARM volume, very volume, and lash but butter. Their other services include- lash lift and tin, eyebrow procedures, and more. You can also get your extensions removed from CHARM lash. mink eyelashes USA.

  1. Velvet Lash

Velvet lash is an eyelash lift and tint, and also extensions lounge. They use high-quality products with one of the best services you can get. They have certified technicians working as lash artists. This ensures that you will get a good, safe, and best quality service and product.

Their perspective about eyelashes is unique. They believe, one kind of eyelash extension can never match everyone. Instead, the eyelash extensions should get tailored to one’s face and structure. Thus, you can ensure, your facial features will get attention when prepping the lashes.

Their costs vary as per the product and services you choose. The various services are-
• Classic set- natural look
• Volume ser- fuller look
• Mega volume set- Extravagant look

  1. Lash Primp

Lash Primp is one of the largest lash suppliers and also trainers in USA. The moment you enter their website, you will notice a huge sale panel. This indicates a successful business.

They are not limited to sales only, they also provide services. They also provide training services for
-Classic training
-Private training
-2-day volume training
-Volume refresher training

The products are- lash application tools, adhesives, tweezers, and aftercare products. The lash products – eyelash extensions and also mink strip lashes. mink lashes USA ga.
wholesale lashes USA.

  1. Lash Xxotica

Lash Xxotica started in 2015. The owner is Kayla Famotemi, a certified eyelash artist and cosmetologist. It is one of the best places to go when looking for eyelash extensions. The company is not limited to lashes only, they have makeup too!

The various procedures this brand offers are-
• Eyelash extensions
• Tinting and lifting
• Microblading
• Make-up
• Brow-sculpting
and more.

Moreover, you can also get facials, lip blushing, if you want. They also have a menu that has a set of special offers going on where they provide-
• Hybrid lash special full set
• Voluptuous full set
• Bottom lashes
lash manufacturer USA.

  1. Lash Lounge

Lash Lounge focuses on making their clients look their best selves. They have customizing facilities and provide products of the highest quality. They fulfill the various lash needs of their customer in one platform. Thus, it is easy for you to go through the various options without having to search too much.

The services you will get from Lumière are works with classic, volume, and mega volume lashes. All have their categories based on the various prices. Moreover, you will also get keratin lash lift and lash tint. Lashes factory USA.

  1. USA Lash

USA Lash specializes in semi-permanent lashes which you can customize. They have certification and are very keen to detail in their products. They take pride in the fact that they train their employees and are always updating the process.

The products the company offers are- lash tools, mascara wands, and adhesive removers. They also have micro swabs, iLash primers, and eye pads. Their shop also has luxury mink lash bundles, and lash rays.

They have training facilities as well. USA lash also has an online booking facility for your ease. You can check their website for further details. wholesale eyelash vendors in USA.



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