Introduction to the specific structure of spinning equipment

Introduction to the specific structure of spinning equipment

Introduction to the specific structure of spinning equipment

Judging from the current industry development trend, the decline of spinning equipment in the past two years is due to sluggish demand and overcapacity, but this is only the superficial reason; the deeper and more essential reason is that my country’s economic development stage has undergone profound changes, but The development of the spinning equipment industry has not followed suit. Cai Weici reminded the industry to deeply understand the changes in the market environment and focus on spinning equipment from large to strong. The shortage economic environment fosters a typical “seller’s market”.

In the “seller’s market”, the main contradiction in the spinning equipment market is to solve the problem of “have or not”, whether the machinery enterprise as a “supplier” has enough product production and supply capacity; while the demand side is often “starved for food” ”, the product quality and performance of the supplier cannot be calculated.

The current situation of my country’s spinning equipment structure is that the development of main engine products is faster than that of basic products. Among the main engine products, the development of power equipment represented by power generation and power transmission and transformation equipment is significantly faster than that of metallurgical mining and petroleum and petrochemical equipment. In addition, although the history of spinning equipment construction machinery is short, it has developed faster than agricultural machinery products with a longer history.

Compared with the mainframe, the development of the basic industry is obviously lagging behind. Spinning equipment, machine tools, instrumentation, internal combustion engines, and basic mechanical parts, which are essential for the upgrade of the main engine, are significantly different from the international powerhouses. Even within each small industry, the development is unbalanced. For example, in the power generation equipment manufacturing industry, although the conventional power generation equipment of spinning equipment is relatively strong, the new energy equipment such as gas turbines and pumped storage power generation equipment is relatively strong in spinning equipment. The gap is large.

In addition, compared with complete sets of equipment, the development of insulating materials, magnetically conductive materials, power electronic devices, and low-voltage electrical appliances is seriously lagging behind.

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