The head spinning machine equipment ensures the precision machining

The head spinning machine equipment ensures the precision machining

The head spinning machine equipment ensures the precision machining

The total number of head spinning machines in my country is hundreds of sets, of which there are very few CNC machine tools. Most of the production and aluminum machining equipment in most manufacturing industries and enterprises are traditional machine tools, and most of them are old machine tools with a service age of more than 10 years. The production equipment and technology are outdated and backward.

Due to the long-term use of the old spinning machine, the discrete electronic components have been seriously aged, and the failures are frequent, and various mechanical and electronic components cannot be purchased at all, causing maintenance difficulties, and some can no longer be used normally.

At present, many spinning machines perform profiling by hand, as follows:

  • First, the head spinning machine equipment is labor-intensive and time-consuming
  • Second, the control level of the head spinning machine equipment is relatively backward, and the precision is relatively low.

Therefore, the traditional manual operation method has poor processing consistency, low efficiency, and can not guarantee the processing quality. It has become an inevitable trend to use CNC technology to process. After the CNC spinning machine is put into use, due to the flexible operation of the head spinning machine equipment system , easy to use, enhanced processing functions, suitable for the processing of relatively complex workpieces, improve production efficiency, and ensure processing accuracy.

Compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, the development status of head spinning machine spinning technology in my country is not only in terms of product type, dimensional accuracy, spinning machine equipment capability and degree of automation, but also in process theory research. There are still some differences.

Many scientific and technological workers are working on this research work, and great development has been achieved in the past 20 years. The precision and performance of many products of the head spinning machine equipment are close to or reach the advanced foreign level. A small number of domestic colleges and universities, such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Beihang University, Western University of Technology, etc., head spinning machine equipment and some powerful research institutes have been developing CNC spinning machine and head spinning machine equipment and conducting theoretical discussions and development of new equipment. craft.

Especially in recent years, some factories in our country have introduced advanced CNC spinning machines from abroad, making my country’s spinning technology increasingly mature. Head spinning machine equipment Many domestic research institutes (such as Beihang Modern Technology Research Institute, Heilongjiang Spinning Technology Research Institute, Changchun 55, etc.) have developed relatively stable and reliable types of spinning machines, which have been widely used in the domestic market. There is a certain share, but some models still rely on imports.

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