Is the CNC spinning machine suitable for automation?

Is the CNC spinning machine suitable for automation?


With the rapid development of the CNC spinning industry, many products in the current market use CNC spinning machines for production. For example, in the lighting industry, the main processed materials are aluminum and iron, and the production is relatively stable. Therefore, many manufacturers want to replace labor with machine automation to reduce labor costs. Is the automation of the production line stable? This is the core of everyone’s attention. .

Some domestic companies have begun to develop the automation of CNC spinning machine tools, and have achieved good results. However, the stability of mass production still needs further improvement. From the aspect of loading and unloading actions, the stability of automation is The following is related.

①Principle action of manipulator clamping product demoulding:

Because spinning products need a certain demolding force, especially for barrel-shaped products, the selection of the gripping method and strength of the manipulator is the key issue for the smooth demolding of the product. If the strength is selected too large, it will be aluminum. The product is easily deformed or scratched.

②The production stability of CNC spinning processing:

Due to the long-time production mold and cutter wheel heating, the size of the demolding force is affected. In addition, the product may break occasionally due to material or other factors during the production process. After the break, whether the clamping of the robot is effective, if the robot cannot remove the product from the mold If the mold is successfully demolded, and the material is continued to be loaded, the next product spinning will cause the cutter wheel to become more stressed because the material on the mold is not cleared, and the material, cutter wheel, and mold heat up rapidly, and normal production can no longer be performed.

Therefore, the editor recommends that the newly purchased spinning machine should not be directly put into automatic production. You should wait for the CNC spinning machine to stabilize after the trial period before deciding whether to put it into automation.

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