What are the advantages of metal spinning?

What are the advantages of metal spinning?


The metal spinning process is currently the most widely used processing method in the market. The quality of the products produced by the metal spinning machine is stable and uniform, which is very suitable for enterprises that require mass production. So where are the advantages of metal spinning? Let’s take a look together.

1. Good metal shape conditions

When the spinning process is performed, the contact between the wheel and the metal is almost point contact, so the contact area is very small, and the unit pressure is high, up to 2500-3500 MPa or more. Therefore, spinning is suitable for processing high-strength and difficult-to-deform materials. Moreover, the required total deformation force is small, so that the attack rate consumption is greatly reduced. For processing parts of the same size, the tonnage of the spinning machine is only about 1/20 of the tonnage of the press.

2. Wide range of metal spinning products

According to the capacity of the spinning machine, large-diameter thin-walled pipes, special pipes, variable cross-section pipes, spherical, hemispherical, elliptical, curved generatrix, and almost all rotary parts with steps and variable wall thickness can be produced, such as rockets. , Nose cones and shells of missiles and satellites; submarine penetration seal rings and torpedo shells, radar reflectors and searchlight shells; jet engine fairings and prime mover parts; hydraulics, compressor shells and cylinders; turbine shafts, nozzles , TV cones, combustion chamber cones and bellows; drums of dryers, mixers and washing machines; shallow dish-shaped, disc-shaped, hemispherical heads; milk cans and hollow-core and thin-walled daily necessities.

The material utilization rate of metal spinning is very high, which greatly reduces the production cost. Compared with machining, spinning processing can save a lot of materials. We are serious about reducing costs. This is a kind of machine that is better for us. We don’t know the metal Xuan Ye very well, but for those in need. Said this material is very good!

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