Why is metal spinning processing environmentally friendly?

Why is metal spinning processing environmentally friendly?


With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s living standards are constantly improving. Now more and more cities will use metal spinning to produce finished products. It can be said that spinning is affecting people’s lives. For example, urban road lamps and patio light poles are required to use spinning technology, which is due to the fact that the quality aluminum tube does not rust. High-quality aluminum alloy construction profiles to ensure the corrosion resistance of the product in the natural environment.

The quality of the aluminum alloy pole made by spinning is very good. The aluminum alloy pole is based on the high strength and light weight of aluminum. The light pole of the same specification, the weight of the aluminum light pole is only one-third of the iron light pole; it is more convenient to install and transport; the surface is clean and flawless. Using high-quality aluminum tubes as raw materials, the surface of the pole is smooth and delicate, and the metallic color of the aluminum alloy is perfect. The surface is easy to handle. The anodized aluminum alloy lamp pole forms 20 mother closed film layers to ensure that the lamp pole in any natural environment is corrosion-resistant and does not change color, and the pole body is guaranteed for 25 years. In addition, the rod recovery rate reaches 100%, the melting temperature is low, and energy saving and emission reduction are in response to national policies. This product can be said to be permanent and will not rust. The diversification of surface treatment technology makes the appearance of lines simple and smooth.

The solution uses industrial aluminum alloy and other diameter pipes as raw materials (to ensure the strength and roundness of the material during post-production). It adopts full numerical control rotation technology (to ensure the roundness of the rod body), which is easy to operate. After the numerical control spinning, the material is extruded to further improve the overall strength and service life of the numerical control spinning.

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